Thursday, November 19, 2009

Out of Nothing

When I looked at the different online journals, I found them to be extremely non-user friendly at first. The websites were very creative and geared towards an artists mind. This was really interesting for me because the college student in me wanted to find the information I was looking for within the first two seconds of opening the page. But most of the websites challenged the viewer to slow down and accept the website and it’s product slowly. The one website I found to be extremely user friendly and simple was the “out of nothing” online journal. The home page was straight forward with its Issues and statement of purpose.
I appreciate the way in which this online journal has catered itself to the majority of the attention deficit internet users. The journal does an excellent job utilizing the artistic creativity and the freedom that comes with it while still making the website easy to surf through. It combines the inherent desire of artists to break rules and boundaries but still works within the medium of which it is presented. For example, a painter uses a canvass to paint. However the canvass is the medium in which the art is presented. If a painter uses a canvass, the artist must stay restrained to the limits of the canvass. In the same way this online journal has an outline that creates a user-friendly order within the chaotic disorder of art. This journal also appeals to the audio, visual, and imaginative senses of the human body through an mp3, paintings/pictures, and poetry/fiction.

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