Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book Fairs: Out of the House

There are two book fairs happening within the next week—one in San Diego and one in West Hollywood. Your assignment: pick one and attend at least one panel, reading or workshop, then write about it (see syllabus for more specifics).

The 4th Annual San Diego City College Intl. Book Fair is happening from Sept. 28-Oct. 3, 2009. The schedule includes afternoon and evening readings, creative writing workshops (with the wonderful Cheryl Klein), lectures and more. There will also be several independent presses and literary organizations in attendance. Check out their displays, and talk to the editors/publishers about what they publish and why.

Alternatively (or in addition), take a mini road trip on Sunday, October 4 to Los Angeles for the West Hollywood Book Fair. Here you'll find panel discussions on everything from comics to zombies to techniques for memoir writing. At 3:15, The Future of Publishing Think Tank will be talking about, well, the future of publishing.
There will be readings throughout the day, writing workshops, and ghost stories. There are also many exhibitors, including several small presses, like Manic D, Red Hen Press, Ex Machina Press, Gorsky Press, PM Press, and Les Figues Press.

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