Saturday, September 19, 2009

In the beginning

Welcome to Distributing Literature (LTWR 129). We're going to spend the next 10 weeks thinking, and being, writers in the world. This blog will be a key component of our time together. Here, I'll be listing links to articles and other resources that will be essential to our class. More, this space will be a place for you to share resources with each other—including interviews with writers and editors, event announcements and reviews of journals, readings and other literary activities. A writer is not a solitary figure; even if we write alone, we are writing to and with others—those who have come before and those who will follow, certain voices, familial and textual, ringing in our heads. And that's just one piece, because then there's editing and revising and getting feedback and starting over and eventually, it's time to put that hard work into the world. So we ask our writer friends again: about literary journals, presses, reading series, agents, the list goes on, and hopefully, so does the community.

I'll be sharing my experiences with you as a working writer, and also as the co-founder/co-director of Les Figues Press in Los Angeles. I also co-curate a reading series— Mommy, Mommy! —and am affiliated with some other exciting projects, like The Future of Publishing Think Tank and Pussipo (see the excellent pussipo blog: Delirious Hem).

Each of these projects exist because like-minded people got together and decided to do something. That's one of the potentials of this class—that you'll meet your affinities and begin to do.

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