Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Literary Journals and Small Presses

Hi everyone!
Here are 5 literary journals or presses that I found that looked interesting to me:

This small press has been in business for just 25 years. They take in submissions of fiction, poetry, narrative comics, and travel books, mainly alternative works that aren’t accepted by other publishers. Manic D has a simple website; the only options are to buy their books (free shipping!), submit work, and contact the press. The first thing that got my attention was the newest published work, a poetry book called “Bang Ditto” by actress Amber Tamblyn. I had no idea she wrote anything, and what’s more interesting is that, even being famous, she published through a small press.

Wanderlust Review (a.k.a Wanderlust Literary Journal)

Wanderlust is an online literary journal that publishes pieces relating to travel, not just non-fiction accounts, but also fiction, poetry, and photography. The online journal, which is more of a blog, started earlier this year, so it looks like it's still a growing project. It seems look a good place to get published for the first time for writers who are interested in creative or alternative travel writing.

Art Times

This print and online literary journal debuted in 1984, providing articles about all art forms. On the website, there are links to art essays, art reviews, dance articles, fiction pieces, poetry, critiques, and many things related to the art world. There isn't much information on submission, but I like the general idea of a literary journal that encompasses such a large range of writings about art.

Narrative Magazine

Narrative Magazine is a non-profit print and online literary journal that publishes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The printed version is published only a few times a year and the online journal is published at least once a month. Both are free. The online magazine also features writing contests and public submission. It seems like a well-rounded literary journal that supports both new and established writers of many different genres.

Underground Voices

This journal accepts and publishes submissions of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and flash fiction. Submitters write about raw, personal, dark, and hard-hitting subjects such as alcoholism, mental illnesses, confessions, and psychiatric sessions. This journal appealed to me because of the writers' honesty and openness about troubled pasts (and present), disorders, and struggles. The subject matter is heavy, but the writing is edgy and engaging.

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