Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello Class,

Here are my pick of 5.


The Alimentum claims to be the only Literary Review that focuses on the subject of food. The Alimentum includes works of Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction. Readers can learn about new food trends and foreign authors.

Food and Literature, a delicious combination, don't you think?


The Aufgabe is a literay magazine that focuses on experimental and innovative poetry. It publishes works of establishes writers and emerging writers. It also includes poetry themed essays and reviews.

You can take a look at the table of contents for the latest Aufgabe issue

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction is a literary magazine exclusive to creative nonfiction (as the name implies). Its issues include immersion journalism, memoir, and personal essays. You can check out the table of contents for its latest issue here. Sometimes the strangest fiction is reality.

Fairy Tale Review

Fairy tales are not just for children. The Fairy Tale Review is not devoted to any particular school of writing but rather to fairytales as an art form. The FTR is concerned with preserving one of the oldest literary traditions, and reviving old and contemporary fairy tales (for adults too!).
You can check out their blog
here or the list of contributors of their current issue here.


Swivel is the only nationally distributed literary journal devoted to smart, funny writing by smart, funny women. Swivel is published biannually and showcases the work of both established and emerging writers.Emphasizing artfully crafted stories to just carefully constructed jokes, Swivel encompasses an array of genres, including fiction, essay, memoir, poetry, and shorts, as well as comics and illustrations with a kick.
Sounds interesting? Take a look at the table of contents of their issues or a peek at the excerpts.


Zahir is a literary journal of fantasy, science fiction, and magical realism. They print tri-annually. It's one of the places I'm looking to submit. Here, they list their guidelines for submission. They also take artworks for covers.

So, this maybe a bit off topic. It's not a literary magazine or journal, but it is a point of interest if not a source of writing inspiration.
I think of it in a sense as applied literature, bending reality in our everyday life.

Improv Everywhere

Some of my favorite missions of theirs are the Surprise Wedding Reception and the MP3 Experiment.
Check out their missions here.

I hope you enjoy those.

-Giang Pham


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