Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magazine Summaries

The Christian Century is a Christian Magazine that seeks to adapt the content of the magazine to make it relevant to the time period. when I observed the submission guidelines, i saw that there wasn't much room for creative writing. The magazine is more focused on articles that dealt with the news and how it affects modern day Christians. However they do allow creativity in the poems that they accept.


Image Journal is also a Christian magazine. The focus of this magazine is to cultivate art within Christianity instead of stifling it with cliches and over dramatic themes. This magazine seeks to reconcile contemporary culture and Christianity. The magazine has more freedom and less structure than Christian Century. It accepts fiction, essays, articles, and poetry. I feel as if this magazine is one of the two that best suits my focus and vision of my writing. Although it seeks to be creative, it doesn't compromise the core beliefs of Christianity.


Relief journal is the last of the Christian magazines that I related with. This journal seeks to cultivate art in the Christian sphere. Taking the basic principle of art, the Relief Journal seeks pieces of art that are masterfully made yet rings true with all those who read it with an obvious focus on Christian themes. It is a non-profit organization that gives out "honorariums" when it can but guarantees a special copy to the person who is being published. This magazine is the second magazine that I felt best complemented my vision for writing, especially with its modern and contemporary twist in a blend of focused passion inside of Christian themes.


The Cincinnati Review is a literary magazine based on a college campus. Their sweeping mission statement seeks to include anyone who has a piece of literature that is worth publishing. They accept all genres of writing. Since they are also backed by a s chool, payment per prose isn't as big of an issue as it would be for non-profit organizations. The interesting thing with this magazine is that it includes a portfolio of the perosn who is published. I feel as if this would be a great way for a writer not only to get his work published but also to attach a self-described reputation. As a college student I'd be curious to see how responsive my peers would be asl well.


The Iddie journal is a magazine that looks to promote discussions and challenge the mind of the readers. A lot of themes that I hope to explore if I don't go down the path of Christian Literature would be used to create conversation and debate. Especially the relevant themes such as current economic and social problems both at the global and local scope. Again this is a broad based magazine that accepts all genres of writing.


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