Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My response to the Canon Concept

Well that Canon reading was very heavy indeed. Although I was familiar with some of the writers he mentioned in the reading (Foucault, Molina, etc...), and even as an ethnic studies student the theme was very familiar too. However there were some very confusing where I wasn’t sure what I needed to get out this reading and how it will help me as a writer. But, after our little chat in class, I can completely digest the importance of this reading. One thing I absorbed was the idea of how this Canon concept is predominantly manipulated by specific peoples for a specific reason, and unconsciously denying or excluding the thoughts, writings, bodies and experiences of other writers in the span of American history. the canon or canons need to expand they’re trajectory to view a broader horizon where the, child, student, average person or graduate student can have access to an expanded array of thought. This, I feel is how the canon can be efficiently utilized as a culturally, morally, and progressively competent tool for the projection of human thought-. Jorge Narvaez

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