Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My response to SULFUR!

I thought “The Value of Sulfur” was an interesting and confusingly heavy read. It’s basically a critique of what the value of writing was and now is. One of the most interesting parts of the reading was Bernstein says: “Language is a wilderness that, unlike others, can never be conquered, or exhausted; but it can be made to accommodate: to submit, assimilate, compromise, deny.” This reminds me of how powerful language can be sometimes, especially when a dominant language is attempting to submerge smaller languages from underrepresented voices across the world, (or in political terms “assimilation”). Also, there was a part in the reading where he says: “this legacy will be hard to reverse”. That whole paragraph was difficult to understand because I wasn’t sure what he meant by poets of value. I’d like to flesh this out a little more. I also thought it was interesting how he describes a poet’s life can be so sporadic, meaning very quiet desperation and then very noisy. This can be true sometimes for me as a writers since I mostly attract an unexpected writing lifestyle.

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